After 20 busy and successful years of trading in the Television and Film Industries, Off Trax Ltd has decided to cease trading.  In response to the evolving needs of the industry, the company directors have made a collective decision that there was no longer a need for a company of this nature.

The recent acquisition of its third generation camera tracking vehicle, the VW ‘Shotmaker’, along the wide range of lightweight grip equipment, which included track, dollies, lightweight cranes, Polecam, Jimmy Jibs, Steadicam, Sliders and more, as well as crew, is still available through either its sister company, Electra Film & TV or Jonathan Dennis Ltd.

We are incredibly grateful to have been able to offer help and support to many budding technicians and operators over the years, via Off Trax’s training schemes, who are now enjoying successful careers of their own.  Numerous films, commercials, dramas, documentaries, LE programmes and OBs were facilitated by Off Trax, and it was a successful business throughout its existence.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to continuing to facilitate your shooting needs!​